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GREENHIVE eco – Energy Assessors Perth was commenced by Laurens Schiebaan. This occurred after he co-designed and built his own eco-house on a rural property in Kelmscott, Western Australia.

Laurens came to realise that his interests were not just in building design and architecture. His real passion was more specifically in low energy dwellings and passive solar design. As a result, this led him to commence the Cert IV in NatHERS Assessment. Subsequently, he opened up his own practice as an Energy Efficiency Assessor in Energy Ratings and Eco Design. Laurens provides all different types of energy assessments. Namely NatHERS star ratings, Elemental Provisions, VURB Ratings and Section J Assessments. The services he provides are geared at BCA/NCC compliance requirements in order to pass buildings ready for construction and also towards achieving energy efficiencies well beyond what is legislated. The Energy Assessment work is done Australia wide.
He has teamed up with a first class building designer and an innovative visionary builder to deliver unique eco homes and associated design services. His background is in IT services and business management. Both attributes come in handy for this enterprise.

Australia is generally not at the fore front when it comes to priority for airtight buildings with good solar passive design principles. It must be realised that better energy efficiency is not just about the environment, lower energy bills and running costs. Although there is a financial reward, there is also great enjoyment to be gained from living in an eco home with comfortable temperatures all year round and a severely reduced need for mechanical heating and cooling. The biggest upside is that smarter design does not have to add considerable cost. We can deliver an outstanding home for much the same cost as a traditional low-performing house.

Our Team


Principal and Energy Consultant

Founder of GREENHIVEeco – Energy Assessors Perth. Laurens previously owned an IT business and is currently also involved with property developments. Laurens is passionate about thermal and passive solar homes. Optimising Energy ratings and Eco Design are synonymous with GREENHIVE eco.




Building Designer

Arnold has well over 25 years experience in Building Design. He has a keen eye for aesthetic and functional design. That together with his enthusiasm and eagerness, practical insight of construction techniques and requirements, plus a very solid knowledge of both the NCC/BCA and the R Codes, ensures he has much to offer our clients.
Arnold has a Diploma in Architectural Drafting and is a member of the Building Designers Association of WA. He is also an accredited HIA Greensmart Professional.


Building Certifier

Antje, a registered building surveyor, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in building certification. Previously a plasterer and an architect, Antje will take the headache out of the application process and make building certification as easy as 1, 2, 3.  Dealing with both residential and commercial projects, new and retrospective approvals, Antje works hand and glove with GREENHIVE eco to make every application a success.  Antje also works closely with a certified structural engineer.  Please connect with us to have all your approval needs sorted from design through to certification.