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Energy Efficient Design

Get High Energy Efficiency Rating of House in Perth

Energy Efficient Design Perth. In collaboration with a highly experienced designer, we provide a full Energy Efficient Design service that takes solar passive design principles into account from the very beginning. In fact, before we even start with a clean-sheet design, energy efficiency is already a priority. We take all your wishes into account when we design your dream eco house with high energy efficiency ratings in Perth. If we have not been involved in the selection and purchase of the land, we would certainly want to make a site visit before we begin. Things like topology, orientation, vegetation and micro climate all have a bearing on how a dwelling will perform.

To rate and model the energy efficiency, we use the NatHERS scheme to model design options. NatHERS stands for Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme. The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme uses a rating system from 1 to 10 stars that rate the energy efficiency of a dwelling. This star rating is based on the performance of a design in a specific climate. The scheme uses accredited software to model a home’s performance. It takes into consideration a myriad of factors to determine the anticipated heating and cooling loads. So it measures the thermal performance of a dwelling in a specified climate zone. It is the best tool available to rate a home’s performance. Usually, it falls down when the as-built scenario is different to the design. When GREENHIVE eco does the design and builds the home, we are able to ensure that it is built to the high standard it was designed to.

At GREENHIVE eco – Energy Efficient Design Perth – we aim for a high star rating. Early in the design phase, while changes are still easily made, we model various options. This way we can efficiently arrive at a high thermal rating. We aim to design as close to 10 stars as possible, balancing that with the constraints we have been given. Couple that with a meticulous eye for detail during the construction phase, and the end result is truly an outstanding home.

Remember: See us early on in the design stage. It is not at all a pain to come to us early with your questions and ideas. The earlier you take action, the better it is. Avoid the pain later in the design stage, when the design is pretty much locked in. Get all your needs met at the design stage and be assured of an energy efficient outcome.