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 An energy efficient design does not automatically translate to an energy efficient dwelling.  Sloppy construction methods invariably mean a loss in efficiency.  Our thorough attention to details ensures that we deliver on our promises.

Achieving 8 stars or better means minimal heating/cooling. Although 6 stars will get you a pass, it needs to be clear that this is an improvement on past legislation, but it is not by any stretch considered to be highly energy efficient. Moving from 6 to 8 stars actually, halves the energy consumption throughout the year. So a 2-star improvement provides a 50% improvement in energy consumption in real terms.

Airtightness Modern building materials, as well as quality workmanship together, provide the desired outcome. Laurens is involved in supervising the critical stages of construction to ensure air tightness and correct installation of insulation. It is vital that this is done correctly so that the building does what it was designed to do. We deliver on our ethos: “We Are Passionate About Low Energy Buildings.”

Combination of light construction and thermal mass
Light construction of external walls provides real ways to achieve air tightness and also leave plenty of space for bulk insulation. At the same time, a balance of internal high mass walls will be instrumental in storing heat (or coolth in summer) and releasing it as the ambient temperature in the dwelling changes. How much thermal mass is dependent on solar access (how much sun can come into the home) and the climate it is in.

Orientation and appropriate shading are of prime importance The daytime zones benefit most from north facing aspects. Together with appropriate shading, this will allow the sun to enter the dwelling during the colder months and keep it out during the hotter months.

Appropriate window locations and types and sizing of glazing are of prime importance when considering solar access and cross ventilation.