Low Energy Homes don’t just save money, they improve lives

I came across an article with the above title by Stephen Berry, Research fellow at the University of South Australia, David Michael Whaley Research Fellow in Sustainable Energy and Electrical Engineering, University of South Australia and Trivess Moore Research Fellow, RMIT University.  The article takes for granted that we are trying to save money and the planet. But in doing so, what is the experience of those who are living in low energy homes? The research revolved around people living in purpose-built homes in South Australia and the UK.

One of the main findings was that people’s behaviour changed to mirror the efficiency of the home they live in. They became more responsible within their environment. Things such as being more conscious about waste, about water and power usage for example. Another example relates to the yearly savings made in reduced energy consumption, allowing for extra things in the household budget.

Taking the spotlight off the legislation and the technical side of the dwellings themselves, it highlighted the importance of the people that live in the dwellings and how they interact with the building and the technologies in them. Find the complete article here: https://theconversation.com/low-energy-homes-dont-just-save-money-they-improve-lives-81084

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