It is crucial that your land is able to facilitate your energy efficient dwelling without too many limitations.  Often building sites are much smaller than they used to be which is a limitation in itself.  Often there is not the luxury to face the house where it would be thermally most ideal.   There are many factors to consider.

Microclimates – Due to vegetation, topology, topography, water bodies, etc. the position of the land may display beneficial or detrimental elements.  E.g being stuck between 2 hills would affect the direction and strength of breezes.  Having a lake between you and cooling breezes would provide a positive effect on cooling your house in summer.

Obstructions – Other building or large trees could affect the shading and solar access of a new energy efficient dwelling.  With smaller lot sizes there are limitations especially when the obstructions are on north.

Orientation – On some lots, it is difficult to orientate your energy efficient dwelling to north.  Ideally, it should be possible to face a large orientation of the dwelling directly towards north without large obstructions.  Ideally, this same orientation would provide privacy and a location for living areas.  Outdoor living should also be factored in, as a north and/or east facing outdoor living area is ideal.

For your new home, engage us before you sign on your land.

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